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100% Natural

100% Natural

100% Natural

100% Natural

100% Natural

How We Started

It all started with an itch and a scratch. Desperate to find a natural approach to my pup's pesky skin problems, Apollo's Paw was born. As a registered nurse, I know that skin is a major organ that requires constant maintenance and care, that is no different for furry friends.  We believe our fur-babies deserve the absolute best when it comes to their skincare. Our paw and snout balms, shampoo, and sprays are all handmade with quality ingredients that are both natural and cruelty-free. Apollo's paw is tough enough to combat your fur-babies rough and cracked paws, dry snouts, and skin dermatitis but gentle enough on their sensitive skin. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you. Everything is 100% Apollo approved! with love,



Apollo & Jennifer 

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100% Natural

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Apollo's Paw does not make any medical claims. Information provided and products sold on our website should not take place over any advice given from a medical or veterinary professional.

Apollo's Paw will not be held responsible for the use or misuse of our products that may cause irritation. Please consult your medical doctor and veterinarian before using our products. 

Our products are meant for external use only.

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