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Hi, I'm Apollo


I am the fur baby behind all of this!

Hi Pal! My name is Apollo Dexter, official CBO (Chief Bark Officer) at Apollo's Paw. I love kisses, hugs, playing with my toys, naps, food, and most of all my HuMOM. I have suffered from recurring allergies for most of my life.


From painful hotspots to irritated and cracked paws I've been through it all.


These constant skin issues made me miserable. I've had multiple vet visits that always ended with plenty of expensive medications and injections. The relief from my allergies was often short-lived and many times accompanied by side effects.


My HuMOM was desperate to find a natural remedy that provided me long-lasting relief.

She used shea butter other nature butters to revive her skin and decided to see if they would work for me. THEY DID!!!!!!! The shea mixed with essential oils and other carrier oils was the best remedy for my skin issues. My skin has never been so PAWfect!!

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